Spending your holidays on the beautiful Island of Cyprus, possibly you should consider a Cyprus car rental. Bus services are available in Cyprus, but their routs are limited. Therefore, renting a car to travel around will be the best solution. The driving in Cyprus is very much like the driving in England, driving on the left hand side. Road signs are available in both Greek and English which is really helpful for the foreign drivers.

Cyprus has an up to date motorway network connecting all the chief coastal resorts and main towns including the capital Nicosia which remains the last divided city in the world. Cyprus main motorways are in the larger cities and the minor roads are well maintained. Carefulness should be exercised on some of the minor coastal back roads and neighbouring village routes which can be a little trickier. In some places, it can get really hard to distinguish where the carriageway ends and the trail starts. However, in general, the Cypriot roads and motorways are high-quality where some people suggest that are the Cypriot roads are better of those in the UK.

Other issue that you have to consider before to hire a car is what type of car it will be the best for you. This may seem unimportant to you at the moment, but by considering this before your visit can actually save you money and end up with a great deal. 

Cypriot weather is very dry and hot, therefore make sure that your car will have air-conditioning otherwise you will find your self in the unpleasant situateion of being in more than 40 C in shade. Therefore, double check that the car that you hire will be fitted with climate control or air-condition.

There so many places in Cyprus that you can visit, sea sides, mountains, villages, city driving and so on. Therefore, whatever you choose keep in mind that a little planning goes a real long way particularly when driving in the island of Cyprus.