Famagusta Car Rental is now done fast and easy. Browse here to find local companies to rent a car in Famagusta. Follow the links and see prices and the type of cars available to choose from. Find trusted businesses for quality cars and service. Many of the car rental companies have also offices in the airports making it very convenient for tourists to rent a car upon their arrival.

Many Famagusta car rental businesses also offer bicycle rentals, bike rentals, buggy cars, scooters and ATV bikes also known as quad bikes. Due to many businesses offering car rental in Famagusta, you can find many great deals and you can rent the vehicle of your choice at excellent prices.
As in most European countries, also in Cyprus, there is a classification system determine the prices depending on the size and the group of the car. This helps people to choose the car that best suits them according to their budget and needs. See below the basic types of rental cars in Famagusta to help you decide the best car size and type rendering your requirements.

Economy cars
Economy cars are small sized, agile and fuel efficient. They can typically transfer 4 adults and boot capacity up to 3 to 4 medium-sized suitcases. The economy class car is an excellent choice for travellers on a budget and for short time renting

Compact cars
Compact cars are even more fuel efficient, they accommodate 2 to 4 people and their boot space can fit up to 2 medium suitcases. These cars are really convenient for driving through the city roads.

Mid-size cars
These types of cars add comfort to your driving without boosting your budget, they offer a bigger storage space and they have 2 seats in front and three in the back if you squeeze a little.

Full-Size cars
These cars are also called family cars and can easily fit up to 5 persons and they have more than 18 cubic feet boot space. They are very comfortable to drive through the island and a good choice for travellers with kids.

Luxury and sport cars
With these premium vehicles, you can show up in style, boost your confidence and make an impression on your next meeting if you are on a business trip. These luxurious and comfortable cars are extremely safe, and they are equipped with cool accessories and amenities. Renting a sport or a luxury will cost more but is a gift that everyone should give to themselves at list once in their lifetime.

SUV - 4x4 drives
SUV’s are the perfect cars when travelling with Family. They are spacious, strong cars and safe to drive. They also offer more passenger capacity and comfort. There an excellent choice for mountain lovers as they can perform with ease off-roads, in snow conditions, on heavy rains and thick mud. This is the car that can easily handle sandy itineraries as well.