Larnaca Car Rental is the directory to find listed businesses based in Larnaca related to car hire. If you want to hire a car in Larnaca contact any of the following local rental businesses for quality cars and service. Find the links for airport car rental companies for more convenience, or directly rent one from the airport upon your arrival. Choose liable businesses offering a wide range of cars to choose depending on your needs and budget. Most of these businesses also allow online reservations and the choice to pick your rental car from the airport or your hotel.

There are few reasons for locals using car rental services, but in Cyprus, these services are used mostly by travellers and tourists. The easy booking systems, the good prices and the quality cars provided are some of the reasons more and more tourists prefer to rent a vehicle.

But if you are still thinking of it, read here some advantages of hiring a car while you’re visiting the island.

Limitless Activities

By having a car, you get the freedom to move from one place to another at any time you feel like it. It gives you the ability to improvise your sightseeing and discover the places you want to visit with no time limitations. Exploring the remote villages and concealed beaches, finding the small taverns serving traditional food will give you a better perspective of the island, and its hidden treasures.

Saving Money

Due to the many companies offering car rental in Larnaca and the competition among them you can find many differed choices on vehicle types at excellent prices. Having that in mind you can book a hotel that is not in the city centre on great prices. Furthermore, you can save a lot of money on taxis and buses as well as money for the tours for your sightseeing especially if you are travelling with friend or family.

Airport Car Rental

If you are arriving in Cyprus through the Larnaca airport, then you will be happy to know that there are many Larnaca car rental companies with an actual office in the airport able to help you rent a car instantly. It is recommended though to make the booking from before just to be sure that you are getting the car of your choice and at the best price, as not all cars can always be available. Most of the companies though offer the service of delivering your rental car at the airport at the time of your arrival and you can drop it off at the airport when you are leaving Cyprus.