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Cyprus Car Rental is the portal to search and find companies for Car Rental in Cyprus. Just visit the personal websites of Cyprus car hire agents featured in our directory to hire a car in Cyprus. Cars for rent include not only luxury cars for maximum comfort but great cheap cars to fit your budget and even minibus hires, bike rentals and motorcycle rentals in Cyprus.

Rent a car in Cyprus and get the freedom to explore the island by hiring a car from trusted companies offering car rentals in Cyprus.

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Cyprus Car Rental is becoming one of the most trustworthy forms of transport every year during holiday time. With airline fares at their peak and hotel rates becoming higher in the peak holiday season, it is left up to your car rental to make up for the biggest savings on your holiday budget. Allow us to show you the way of minimizing your holiday expenditure.

Whenever you are traveling to a new holiday destination, in Cyprus for example, never think of hiring a taxi as the chances that you may get overcharged are very likely. Normal prices from traveling from Larnaca to Limassol or Paphos are very high anyhow. A rental car again leads the way as convenience and comfort are some of the features which have been promised by the rental companies in Cyprus. A car rental can be combined with a GPS device which would help you move quickly between towns and villages and enjoy the outstanding Cyprus scenery year round. A bus or a taxi on the other hand, will not usually wait for you wherever you are, and you will be sometimes left waiting for a long time to get picked up.

Car Rental vehicles are made available for you at a very reasonable prices even in July and August in the heart of the Tourist season. The prices for renting a car are quite low and you'll get a great car to suit your needs easily at very competitive prices. You can also get a large spacious car for a reasonable difference from a smaller car if you travel with family and kids or are planning your holiday for a week or longer. It will cost approximately €200 for a small to €600 per week or so for a luxury car, this should include insurance and all taxes.

It is not so expensive to rent a car, far less than traveling in taxis everywhere or even using public transport which is always unreliable and nonexistent in many cases. Make sure you do your research and get yourself the best deal and do not forget to have a great holiday in sunny Cyprus.

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