Nicosia Car Rental is the section to find local companies dealing with the car rental in Nicosia city and suburbs. If you would like to rent a car you can do so by contacting any of our featured companies for quality cars and service. Also, you can see and compare their prices online and book a car online for your own convenience.

Nicosia car rental businesses mainly serve people who need a temporary vehicle, such as owners that their car is under repair due to accidents or mechanical problems and for travellers and tourists interested in sightseeing or they need to go out of town. Some companies can also provide their customers with scooters and motorcycles as well as vans or trucks for self-moving needs.

Except for different cars and vehicles that car hire companies offer, they can also provide their customers with a list of extra products and services. You may find a range of products like GPS systems, maps and child safety seat free of charge, and services like portable WIFI, mobile phones, tablets, snow chains or roof racks for a reasonable fee. Some car rental companies in Nicosia also offer you the choice of a chauffeur.

Whether you need car rental on Nicosia for a day or for a week, It is mandatory to have a protective insurance coverage for the car you are hiring. The insurance policies commonly cover a basic package that includes collision damage, theft protection and third-party liability. You can choose for more coverage if you feel is needed and additional drivers can be added to your insurance policy under your request.